How To Create Great Content For Websites And Blogs

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Having a Website Content Strategy will guide the plans you have for the what, where and when of your content creation


Having a Website Content Strategy will guide the plans you have for the what, where and when of your content creation. Considering Google’s latest and constantly changing algorithm updates, having the correct kind of content is more important than ever. Additionally, if you haven’t checked and updated the content on your website in a while, it is more than likely due for a refresh. I will outline some key steps of developing a solid, customer-focused strategy for your website content.  Producing excellent content writing starts with you, and if you don’t like what you have written, then the odds are that your audience won’t like it either.

If You Want To Inspire Your Audience, Your Writing Will Need To Inspire YOU First

Today’s world is information-saturated and the visitors to your website are more than likely going to be impatient. If they can’t find what they are looking for quickly, they will move on.  They are suspicious of anything that sounds like a sales pitch.  If they could speak directly to you, they would say, “Just the facts, please.”  To be effective, your website must deliver what the customer perceives as true value. If you put your visitors’ wants and needs first as you create your website’s content, you can watch your conversion rate soar!

The Visitor Always Comes First

Your Visitors Always Come First

Visitors To Your Website

While all your content ideas may have merit for your business, they may not make much sense to your visitors.  And that can be a big mistake. If you don’t put your visitors first, your website is not going to be effective or successful. The bottom line is that it’s not about you!  The best and most successful websites are customer-centric. These websites are constructed and designed to provide the information that your visitors are looking for.  And they present it in an interesting and organized manner.  They allow the customer see the real you, which will then build trust.

They make it easy and for your visitors to complete whatever action they have in mind.  This can be whether they want to buy a product, subscribe to a newsletter, or possibly contact you for more details.  Your visitors do not want or like cute or clever. They won’t take the time to try and interpret your meaning. They just simply want to know how you’re going to solve their particular problem.  Or, to put it another way; “What are you selling and why is it the right thing for me, NOW?”

Below, I have covered the many important key steps on How to Create Great Content for Websites and Blogs:   

Why is your first sentence so important?

Your first sentence is very important because that is what most search engines see first and then show.  However, you can easily change that, but that is part of the subject of a different Blog.

It is extremely important that your first sentence tells everyone what it is you are trying to do. It actually might be a long sentence.  It would be so much so that if all of your content was lost, the first sentence must have the ability to stand on it’s own.  This is where thorough and quality research is your friend. Look at other posts in your niche on the internet and look for the content grabs your attention and then find one sentence that resonates and speaks o you.  Then you can take that sentence and re-write it in your own style.

You should be sure to use familiar and recognizable terminology.

Conversational English

Use Conversational English

Despite what we were all taught in school, nobody wants to read text that sounds like a term paper.  It’s very boring.  Write content as though you are having a personal conversation and speaking directly to your visitor. You should use second person like “you” and “we.” It is Ok to use contractions.  Also, a friendly and informal tone is better than forced and stiff  corporate-speak. Don’t use words or phrases that your visitors may not understand or recognize. You should be sure to use familiar and recognizable terminology.

Start With A Clear Navigation Plan

Organize your pages into categories that are logically-named and use standard, easy to terms on your menu. understand  Your visitors don’t want to have to guess where to go. They don’t want to have to analyze and figure out what you mean. And they definitely don’t have the patience to go on a scavenger hunt looking for facts.

Research Is Very Important In Content Development

Web Research Elements

Research Is Very Important

Research is very important, especially if you feel you are not an accomplished writer.  As we know, it takes hard work and time to grow as a writer, but it will never be a waste of time.  And we all are aware that in order for any of us to be successful, we will have to work hard.  And when you become competent or even excellent at researching your niche (it is a fundamental skill that you need to develop), your writing will become more natural and won’t be as difficult.

Provide All Of The Relevant Information

When people are searching the internet, they are looking for answers.  If your website doesn’t provide the facts they are looking for, the visitor will move on to the next one in the search results. Don’t be afraid of giving too much information, and that includes prices. Studies show that information-rich websites tend to be the most effective in converting visitors into serious prospects or a sale.

Include Trust Building Content

You need to describe what makes your company uniquely qualified to provide the customer its products or services. If possible, rovide some details about the history and accomplishments of your business. Be sure to include an About Me page with your photo or a series of photos. If possible, consider dedicating a page to testimonials or a guest blogger. These third-party recommendations hold a lot of weight. Customers will buy from businesses they trust.

Leave Out The Hype In Webite Content

No Hype! Internet Marketing

Leave Out The Hype

Your website visitors don’t want hype and spin. They deservedly expect transparency and honesty. All they want and need are facts so they can make an educated decision.  You need to honestly disclose all of the facts and let your visitors draw their own conclusions.

Make Your Home Page A To-The-Point Summary

Typically, your Home Page is the most used entrance to your website. It should outline how your customers will benefit from your content, products, or services. If your visitors find it difficult to quickly figure out what’s in it for them, they will click the back button and move on to another website. Just like that, they are gone!

Create Unique Landing Pages For Specific Topics

While you might want everyone to come through what you consider the front door, or the home page of your website, that may not actually be your best strategy.  A more targeted approach is to create landing pages that communicate specific subjects.  For example, is someone is looking for the basics on how to choose a blog niche, you want them to land on the page that is dedicated to that subject.  Landing pages actually convert at a higher rate than your home page.

Let Pictures Help You Tell Your Story

Pictures Telling the Story

Let Pictures Help You Tell Your Story

Stock photos be very pretty and professional looking.  But, do they tell your visitors about who you really are? Actually, no, because they’re too generic. You can and need to use them in some places on your website to help to break up what would  be a copy-heavy page.  But, when it comes to products and people, real photos are going to work best. Visitors want to see what they are purchasing and who they are purchasing it from.

Update Your Website Regularly

If visitors to your website notice that your content isn’t up to date or current, then your site will lose all credibility.  You should continually update your website by adding to it and removing any information that is obsolete. The last part of the previous sentence is critical and I hope you didn’t miss it. You shouldn’t only add new and fresh content, but you need to also delete anything that may no longer be relevant. If your good and up to date information is buried, your visitor may never find it.

Use A Layout That Is Straight Forward

Nobody likes clutter or disorganization and that includes visitors to your website. Clean, simple, and organized definitely works the best. The more intuitive your website is the better.  It is very important that your visitors can easily find what they need.

Make It Easy For Your Visitors To Contact You

Easy Customer Contact Methods

Make It Easy For Your Visitors To Contact You

You should put your contact information in multiple places so it’s easy for your visitors to find. It should as easy as being just one click away. Don’t make your website visitors have to work too hard to reach you. They may not have the patience to bother, and then you’ll lose them.

Keep Forms On Your Website Simple

If your website needs to include a form such as on your Quote or Contact page, then it important to ask a few questions as possible. Most of us, including your visitors, detest having to complete all of those fields. More than likely, they don’t trust you enough to provide all the information that you are requesting. We all would love to get their detailed information, but it’s not what we prefer but what your customer prefers.

Include A Call To Action On Every Page

A Call To Action (CTA) is a statement that is designed to get an immediate response from a person who may be reading or hearing it.  You want to tell your visitors what you would like them to do next.  You can lead them down the path to a sale or encourage them to contact you. It’s great that you can be your customer’s quality source of information, but you also want your visitors to know that they can make a purchase right now!

Make It Perfect, Or Very Close

Spelling – Grammar – Punctuation

Make It Perfect, Or Very Close

Grammar and Spelling mistakes will make you look like an amateur or inexperienced. And poor wording will have the same result.  This step is a step that is so important that it can’t be over emphasized.   You should read and then reread your content multiple times. This is not to only check for grammatical or spelling errors, but also to see if what you have written actually makes sense.  You should edit your content, even after you have published your post.

The best part of writing good content is that you have the ability to edit it until you get it just the way you want to. Unlike with a conversation, you don’t have the opportunity to get a second or third chance to take back what you have said.  But you do have that opportunity in your post.

Focus On Your Audience

You should always remember who you are and what type of person will be attracted to your content. You will tend to attract people who are similar to you.  This is why you write your content as though you are talking with your best friend. They will more than likely be your actual audience.

Final Thoughts…

A Website or Blog Content Strategy is Very Important

Final Thoughts

A Website Content Strategy Is Essential

It is critical to have a solid website content strategy in today’s ever changing digital environment.  This is due to the fact that search engine rankings and getting found online by prospects is driven by quality content. By following the steps outlined in this post, you will be on a path to creating successful website content that will ultimately increase traffic and generate leads for your online business.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post on How to Create Great Content.  I hope you enjoyed the visit and it helped you in some way.  Feel free to pass it on to someone that may benefit.  Please feel free to leave Comments or Questions below.

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