Are You Satisfied With Your Current Job?

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YOU can make Affiliate Marketing work for you.

Affiliate Marketing

The reality in Affiliate Marketing, is much the same reality as other home based businesses: there are a few who make lots of money, a good number are successful enough to meet their goals, and there are many that are not making an income. So, the question isn’t really whether or not Affiliate Marketing is a viable income option, (IT IS) but the question is whether or not YOU can make Affiliate Marketing work for you .

With the amount of people that are not happy in their current job, Affiliate Marketing has become a viable alternative. The facts show that there is unlimited and untapped potential for growth and success in this business segment.

Did you know that over 50% of Americans are not satisfied with their current jobs.

Unhappy Worker

Did you know that over 50% of Americans are not satisfied with their current jobs. Actually, according to the Conference Board, a New York based non-profit research group, nearly 53% or Americans are unhappy at work.

Since 1987, the Conference Board has performed a job satisfaction survey. Nearly 30 years ago over 61% of Americans said they were happy with their jobs. That number actually slid over time to an all time low after the Great Recession of 2010 to just over 42%. That is a decrease of nearly 20% of American workers who are happy with their jobs. It has been slowly increasing over the past few years, but still extremely low.

The survey asks American workers to rate how they feel about various aspects of their job experience; wages, vacation time, sick pay, job security, job promotions, and benefits including medical and retirement plans. On all of the above aspects, the American worker was happier in previous years.

The only areas that have shown improvement are quality of equipment and physical environment.

America At Work

The only areas that have shown improvement are quality of equipment and physical environment. We are seeing employers responding to feedback by rethinking and improving employees’ work equipment and overall work spaces. Also, the trend towards the growth of telecommuting has helped the improvement in this category in that most people prefer to work at home as opposed to being in the office. With the advent of drastic technology improvement, one would think quality of equipment would score better. However, with the gains come higher expectations and increased frustration.

We have seen a big decrease in average job tenure with the same employer the job security aspect has taken a hit. Also, with higher health plan costs and deductibles, payroll deductions have increased affecting the benefits category.

As for the wage’s category, predictably it varies based on the employees’ actual income level. For example, those making in excess of $125K, more than 64% were happy with their jobs. Conversely, the mid-range level of $50-75K annual income shows a little over 44% are happy.

What category makes American employees the happiest?

Happy Workers

What category makes American employees the happiest? It is “Interest in the Work” and the “People at Work” categories. Nearly 60% of Americans fit into this category.

People who are unhappy or dissatisfied with their current job are just one segment that are looking for a different and interesting way to generate income.  Many people are exploring Online Home Based Business opportunities for that specific reason and so many other reasons.  Affiliate Marketing is one of the largest growth industries and with the best training and support you can be very successful.   

Wealthy Affiliate provides the program and the tools to assist in this process. It also provides the spark in the “Interest in Work” category and the Wealthy Affiliate Community provides thousands of interesting and helpful co-workers. Thanks for joining me for this blog. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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Comments (2)

  1. Blue Fox says:

    Very interesting Mike, I’m an Aussie do you know if this type of info is available for the Australian workforce? I suspect the figures would be comparable but the reasons may be different with Oz having a free health system. I know more and more people I speak to are looking for a job change but interestingly most want to stay within their field and are not looking at Home based business. I wonder if Aussies are less risk averse, we do like the easy options lol.

    1. Mike says:

      Hello, thanks for your interesting comments.  You know we get so wrapped up in our lives we don’t even consider it may be different in other countries.  It would be interesting to see what the job satisfaction numbers are from country to country.  And this is something that has just happened in the last generation or so here in the US.  My parents were in the generation that the large percentage worked for one company their whole career and retired from that company.  But that doesn’t that they were any happier at work than were are either.  Interesting stuff, take care.


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