What Is the Best Website Builder? Word Press

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Conclusion And Recommendations

I am going to do this Review a little differently and offer my Conclusion and Recommendations right up front. WordPress has been in business for over a decade, and they have been constantly growing and have never looked back. This Open Source CMS has attracted a passionate and thriving Community. This Community helps to ensure that it stays as secure, flexible, functional, and up-to-date as possible. There are many key features of the WordPress core and additionally there are thousands of themes and plugins available to extend that platform. It is so extensive, there isn’t much you can’t do with it. WordPress is best and most logical choice for a website platform.  Simply the Best.

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Choosing a platform is one of your first and most important decisions that you will make for your new website. Your Content Management System will help to determine how well your website operates. It will also determine the number of tools and customization options available. There are many potential options available and it can be very overwhelming. Thankfully, there is only one option that is the best bet in almost any circumstance and that is WordPress. This free and open-source CMS is the perfect framework for building a simple blog to a complex, thriving e-commerce site. It is very easy to use and yet powerful and flexible enough to handle your unique and specific requirements.

Here Are 6 Reasons Why WordPress Is the World’s Best Website Platform.

1. WordPress Is Free / WordPress Is Open Source

First, one of the biggest selling points for WordPress is that the core platform is entirely free. It means you can try it and check it out without paying for that privilege. Over the long term, there will be one less ongoing cost to be concerned about. Also, if you choose to make use of the advanced features offered like themes, plug-ins, and other tools, there are many free and low-cost options to choose from. Secondly, WordPress is Open Source, which is a term used to describe computer programs where their source code is available for everyone to study. The Open Source software development not only allows others to study the code, but to also potentially update and improve it. This is accomplished by testing, bug reporting, and submitting patches to fix problems.

2. WordPress Core Management is Beginner Friendly

It can be intimidating when using new software of any kind. With that said, if you are creating and building your first website, more than likely you won’t have experience with content management systems. Luckily, WordPress is very easy “right out of the box”, even if you are a complete novice. You will not need any coding knowledge or experience to create a beautiful, functional site. Additionally, the WordPress Dashboard is very easy to understand and to navigate. Whether you are writing content, installing themes or plugins, or customizing settings, navigating WordPress is a snap. Now, let’s say you have a wealth of experience, WordPress is still for you. It is a massively powerful platform and it will enable you to customize every aspect of your website, thus utilizing yourknowledge and expertise.

Easy To Navigate WordPress Dashboard


3. WordPress Themes and Plugins = Exceptional Power and Flexibility

The WordPress core offers a number of important features, but many websites may require additional functionality. This is where themes and plugins play a major part. These tools will make it easily possible to customize your website design and functionality. There are literally thousands of options to choose from and are simple to find. The good news is that many are completely free and/or very affordable.

You can search and find many themes and WordPress articles template for any specific type of website. They will be loaded with all the design elements that you are after. Niche specific themes cover such websites as e-commerce or blogs, or just about anything you can think of. The same will be true for your plugins. There will be a tool out there for just about any feature you could ever want. This could be such items as contact forms, a forum, or any type of social media integration.

4. WordPress Provides Security You Can Count On

Whether you’re running a large e-commerce website or as small as a personal blog, you will want to ensure that your site is secure. The WordPress platform is designed with security in mind, first and foremost. It will assist in protecting your information and content immediately, right out of the box. Additionally, security updates are released frequently to help address any of the latest issues and/or concerns. Also, you can choose to download one or more security plugins that will help to make your website even safer. You have plenty of excellent free options that will protect your site with little or no effort on your part. Of course, it is smart to be very involved in protecting your work. Most security breaches are actually a result of human error as opposed to the fault of your CMS. It is extremely important to take some simple precautions to help secure your website.

5. WordPress Helps With SEO Excellence

What is SEO? When you choose to build a website, your goal is to get as many people to visit it as possible. Besides creating absolutely awesome content, one of the best ways to do to get people to visit is to practice effective Search Engine Optimization or SEO. In simplistic terms, it means you build and adjust your website so that search engines like Google can easily find it and display it in highly ranked and relevant search results. Just like with security, the WordPress core is greatly optimized for search engines right out of the box. For example, both website speed and quick response are keys to proper and excellent SEO and WordPress excels for each of them.

6. WordPress Support Is Unparalleled

Even though you have the best core platform with WordPress, creating a website can still be a large undertaking. This can be especially true if you are a beginner and have never done it before. It is very fortunate that WordPress has a large and thriving community of users at all skill levels. It is rarely difficult to find help in the form of guides, advice, and direct assistance .

Here are just a few of the many ways to get support with your WordPress site:

  • WordPress has an extensive information database and always available support forums.
  • There are many online courses and tutorials, both Free and Premium.
  • There are support forums for individual themes and plugins.
  • WordPress has many helpful blogs available.
  • You can simply do a quick Google search for help on an issue you may have and you are very likely to find someone for the answer you may be looking for.

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